Our Society: an insatiable bunch!

Good day to all My wonderful readers and thanks for constantly visiting this Blog, I keep wondering how my Ideas would grow/evolve without Your support, to this I say may the almighty God bless and grant your Hearts Desires! Now to the matter at hand, when we talk about “Society”, we must first not forget to tag a definition to it, hence I define thus, Society: the sum of human conditions and activity regarded as a whole functioning independently. We should know by now that human conditions defer as much as their way of thinking, so the reason, the major reason I woke up this morning to elaborate on our Society is to make it known to everybody that the Society can never be satisfied! We try our best as humans to live a life that can be seen and approved by people, but it fails to pay, even when we would die to see it pay, but as Adrienne Bailon quote, “You gotta be yourself, because everybody else is taken.”
So what else is there?, like the picture attached to this post, no matter what we do, people will always talk about it, whether good or evil, right or wrong, they’ll still talk, so it is evident enough by this quote by Karl Marx which goes on to say, “If anything is certain, it is that I myself am not a Marxist” so in other words, we should try to live our lives not by how the society wishes us to but by our own individual discipline, now with all this being said, I think our society has the power to define its individuals and then transforming them from who they’ll rather be to who it wants them to be. So in anticipation of your feedbacks, I conclude this post by saying this, We have to shun hooliganism and give peace a chance to Strive, thank you!



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